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We work with only the best educative platforms

Meaningful, experiential learning is crucial for the development of intelectual, cultural, athletic and social skills.

Significant and experiential learning is fundamental for intellectual, cultural, sport, and social skills. The studying plan incorporates specially designed programs to enrich the learning in the most significant knowledge areas such as advanced math in a healthy and inclusive environment.

Neuroscience is applied to improve teaching strategies. The design of learning situations that promote leadership in kids, plus the stimulation of talent and personal skills.

Colegio Cuernavaca has a dynamic system that allows students to acquire and learn English by using designed materials for the teaching of a second language. (ESL, English as a Second Language).

We work with the best educational platforms:

The current challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have led us to gamify our classes through the use of the teaching apps mentioned in the technologies page.

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