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We aid in developing social, artistic, emotional and psychomotor capabilities.

Grow Happily

We strengthen intellectual, cultural, athletic and socio-emotional skills.

Develop Integrally

We procure a healthy, harmonious and multicultural environment, with the aid of lenguage and technology centers.

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Colegio Cuernavaca

38 years

Being educational leaders

For more than four decades, Colegio Cuernavaca has sought a comprehensive education with real and inclusive life and identity projects with global dimensions that enhance community well-being and above all, the path to success.

The environment of Colegio Cuernavaca is a combination of respect and tolerance, with the support of the main pillars that are our triad (parents-students-teachers), which are actively involved in encouraging significant, collaborative, and research learning. In education, logical and critical thinking are involved.

We promote multicultural language and communication skills (Spanish - English - French). Technological skills are a base in our system. Apps and platforms have been potentialized by this pandemic season.

The prioritization and gamification of content during virtual education, due to the pandemic, was a key to optimizing results. Also, in the hybrid model, the in-person students with a morning schedule were complemented by afternoon workshops of an artistic, sports, and cultural nature, promoting a variety of extracurricular activities; as well as supporting those who need extended hours.


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