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Despite the challenges that the school year 2020-2021 presented and this 2022 has not ceased to be, we have discovered that there are no limits that stop our vocation for teaching. We have gone from face-to-face to virtual school life.

Educational trends emphasize the importance of holistic and comprehensive approaches; furthermore, values ​​are one of the factors that have been consolidated during this pandemic. It, now, allows us to reap the responsibility, honesty, and autonomy of our students among other virtues that grant them to build their knowledge aided by their cultural background. Those life skills provide crucial support for students to assume a leading role in their learning processes.

Constructivist mathematics, writing workshops, reading platforms, international language certifications, language center, validation of technological skills, mindfulness, socio-emotional workshops, Kim games, sports, cultural and artistic evening activities, are all the options that Colegio Cuernavaca offers.

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Our Mission

Our mission of "Educating and training successful people who contribute and enrich society" sustains us to innovate our teaching strategies and remain at the forefront of the demands of being leaders in education.

Our Vision

Our vision of "Being a model institution with local and national recognition for academic and human excellence, training happy global citizens and generators of projection and social transformation", promotes continuous teacher training and the acquisition of new didactic and technological tools to achieve the synchronous and asynchronous learning that now guides our classes.