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Kim Games and Arts

It is essential to emphasize that all forms of expression are a fundamental part of a child's development. This is due to the fact that in their teaching-learning process, the arts are one of the resources that have the greatest acceptance by students for stimulating creativity.

Art went from being an expression of the soul to being a tool in the children's education, which through play, it teaches children different ways of managing and expressing emotions, regulating their behavior, and even helping them socialize.

That is why, Colegio Cuernavaca seeks to implement various artistic activities and thereby achieve greater academic performance since it is proven that when a child is in contact with artistic activities, they manage to develop a greater brain level.

Some of the activities that have been performed to stimulate the children's brain plasticity and synaptic connections are a series of games called Kim which test the senses of the little ones and this generates in them better retention of information, association, concentration, and generally keeps their brain in a receptive state.