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EColegio Cuernavaca is a bilingual and multicultural institution. Our classes are divided into 2 shifts: English and Spanish. Classes are taught 100% in English with material that is a combination of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and ESL (English as a Second Language), designed for students to communicate in this second language. Our didactic material is co-authored with Richmond in the "Compass Reading Logs" where 5 of the 12 style correctors were teachers of our institution.

In the digital part, our material is integrated by platforms such as; English Attack for junior high. Designed to practice not only Grammar, but also Vocabulary and Listening Comprehension. Its content is current, from series on Netflix and YouTube capsules, which makes it very attractive and of interest to our students. myON and Compass, as well as special applications for the practice and proper development of each skill (speaking, reading, writing, and listening) according to the level of each student.

Colegio Cuernavaca examines from 2nd grade of elementary school to grade 9th: having Cambridge for even grades (Starters for 2nd, Movers for 4th, KET for 6th, PET for 8th) and from Princeton with TOEFL for odds (Step 1 for 3rd, Step 2 for 5th, Toefl Jr for 7th, and Toefl IBT for 9th). The results of these certifications have allowed our graduate students to obtain the necessary score to enter their studies at the upper secondary level in a multicultural or bicultural modality.

Annually, we have participated nationally and internationally in the competitions organized by ETS TOEFL Mexico: and have won several medals in the TOEFL YSS Olympics, Go English Project and Ambassador & Community Awards; and, 14 elementary projects won internationally in The Time Capsule contest of the TOEFL YSS Olympics, Go English Project and Ambassador & Community Awards, where the students received their diplomas and plaque.

Among the activities that allow our students to practice English language we have:

In the French area, we have the support of the French Alliance for the DALF and DELF certifications in junior high. Our French classes are language school style, where those who want to join the evening classes (after school hours) can join without paying and following the materials published by Colegio Cuernavaca based on the A1 and A2 certifications respectively.