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“...Not only academic training is necessary, but also the development of psychological and affective skills as well”, Palomero and Valero (2016) in their article ‘Mindfulness and Education’. We provide these skills to accomplish a good teaching-learning process in our students. We are preparing them to face social demands, improving their adaptive capacity awareness, the need for innovation, perseverance, and immediate problem-solving.

We motivate our students through the practice of mindfulness and socio-emotions workshops to lead to a better connection with oneself and bring an introspection that little by little improves clarity and tranquility when interacting with the world around us. These are to increase the quality of attention of anyone by removing everything that gets in the way. This leads us to a decrease in daily stress levels, better energy and enthusiasm for life, and an increase in positive emotions that facilitate the teaching-learning process.

Creativity and curiosity are encouraged in the arts and music workshops where children capture each of their ideas using their imagination. Colegio Cuernavaca adapts these educational vanguard trends by adopting Kim's games where the activities carried out promote and develop each of the senses (smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight).