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Logical and Innovative Thinking

To allow students to construct their own learning, Colegio Cuernavaca uses a constructivist model to teach math. Students are taught through the manipulation of educational material (Cuisenaire rods, geoboard) to ease the abstract of formal mathematical language, attending the learning styles of each student.

With the new virtual modality, we have used didactic and digital tools (99math, specialized didactics, CK12, Khan Academy, and many more). With these, students design their own methods and strategies for problem-solving related to everyday life.

Colegio Cuernavaca is the site for Mathletes workshops; added to this, we collaborate in state trainings. Students participate in a variety of math competitions such as Olimpiada Mexicana de Matemáticas ((Mexican Mathematics Olympiad for Basic Education), Primavera and Cotorra contests, and Carl Friedrich Gauss. The latter being the one in which Colegio Cuernavaca has obtained national and international prizes like the one won by Emiliano HERNÁNDEZ and Emmanuel ESQUER, students that will travel to Indonesia to participate in the International Mathematics Competition (IMC) representing not only the state of Morelos but our beautiful country Mexico.