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Social Action

Students at Colegio Cuernavaca are aware of the community for the benefit of the city. As a school, we do varied social action programs that are developed with a series of activities that allow teachers and students to have into practice the values of solidarity and generosity. The activities that we promote are: El Carnavalito, traditional games, the school assembly, sports contests, donations, and support to different associations, among others.

School Assembly

The formation of global citizens committed to the transformation of their environment implies the promotion of high-level thinking skills, integrating a critical, creative, and human perspective. For these reasons, the school assembly project arises. This is a space for dialogue in which representatives of each grade seek proposals and solutions in favor of the school community.

In those meetings, social values come to life and become tangible to provide a solution to each proposal. These proposals arise from the hearts of our students, who are assuming themselves as agents of change and realize that each small action has an impact and inspires those who surround them to build together environments of social well-being.