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Extracurricular Activities

Colegio Cuernavaca cares about the physical and artistic well-being of our students, that is why it has a vast catalog of workshops from which our students can choose according to their preferences. All of our workshop facilitators are professionals in their field, being artists or high-performance athletes. Commitment to the student is our priority!



7-15 year-old students

Facilitates personal integral development in a healthy and respectful environment.

When a player wears the uniform, it is not only to represent the team, but is also supported by the teammates, parents, and all the Colegio Cuernavaca community.

Making students love sports is one of the goals, not having conformist behavior and knowing that making a big effort and learning how to be a teamplayer allows them to obtain great results.


5-15 year-old students

The goal is to develop the physical and psychological techniques of soccer, simultaneously contributing to the personal, academic, and social development of the athletes.

Creative Dance

4-6 year-old students

Encouraging the children's free expression with body movements. We seek to expand the possibilities of physical, motor, emotional, and social development through games, music, and movement.

Aerial Dance

5-12 year-old students

A fun sport that mixes contemporary dance and circus. Athletes perform body figures of balance while hanging from a special fabric. The practice of this sport significantly improves the strength, memory, flexibility, and can help to enhance flat feet condition.


4-15 year-old students

The main goal is the achievement of physical and cognitive development through the game. The athlete acquires skills with practice, improves teamwork, and coordination. Each player has the possibility to become a representative of Colegio Cuernavaca in tournaments.

Athletic Yoga

3-15 year-old students

In this workshop, the strengthening of the schematic, nervous, circulatory, digestive, and respiratory systems is desired. Breathing, meditation, physical, and ludic exercises are executed to have students develop skills that allow them to take conscience of their body; thus building self-confidence and positive self-image. To achieve this, we work gradually with posture, the increase of strength, discipline, and flexibility. It also aids in the expansion of conscience and care of nature, animals, and the environment.


3-15 year-old students

The program for elementary and junior high focuses on physical and mental development. Students discover all their motor skills and aspects to be improved. Each grade given is represented by a belt, starting with white and up to black.

In the youngest students, short-term goals are pursued simultaneously with the development of mental and physical skills. Kids acquire their OBIS belt and each color represents the development of a new skill, and they subsequently achieve the Karate techniques.


3-15 year-old students

It is one of the most complete sports activities. This sport stimulates the muscles, motor coordination, and circulatory and respiratory system. It also contributes to the development of independence and self-confidence in children. It is an activity that greatly strengthens the heart.


10-15 year-old students

Contact sport in which physical skills are acquired to execute self-defense and attack movements. Desired to develop coordination, reaction, strength, resistance, self-control, speed but especially discipline.


6-15 year-old students

Athletics in children improves endurance, lung capacity, strengthens the lower extremities, stimulates growth hormones, and develops muscles and other systems. It helps children to distract themselves from their worries, as well as to gain self-confidence, improve their self-esteem and self-control. This makes them challenge themselves every day to improve their brand. It makes them competitive, and they obtain discipline and habits.

Artistic Workshops

Art and Comics

3-12 year-old students

The goal is to introduce the student to drawing techniques and color application in a fun and free way by playing and using imagination. They get to choose different materials and tools to develop their graphic skills and this way, build scenarios, characters, and stories to create a comic.


13-15 year-old students

Historically, muralism rejects traditional painting in an easel. In this workshop, we are looking to sensitize students in art, through practice to improve their painting techniques depicting images on the walls of Colegio Cuernavaca.


9-16 year-old students

The archery workshop is designed with the purpose of providing a new option to practice a sports discipline within the Cuernavaca School. It is important to know that everyone starts at the basic level so you can enter archery even without knowledge. In this workshop, the practice is dynamic and fun.

Polynesian Dance

This workshop seeks to learn and master the dances and choreographies of each of the Hawaiian islands. This, through the correct position, movements, and mimic expressions that ranges from feet, legs, hips, arms, hands, shoulders, head, to face; as well as the understanding of the lyrics of the songs, music, and the interpretation of the different Polynesian instruments. Stimulate mastery and knowledge of one's own body, encourage the development of creativity and the expression of emotions through movement, enhance individual skills by promoting self-knowledge and personal development.

Academic Workshops


6-15 year-old students

Also known as a science sport. This workshop helps generate auto critical thinking, contributes to the development of skills such as self-control, empathy, adaptability, time management, order, flexible thinking, and is considered a formative, educative, and therapeutic game.

Homework Workshop

6-15 year-old students

The objective of this workshop is to generate a space where children and adolescents carry out their tasks, promoting cognitive development through planning, development, and control, in order to improve skills in the school.

Marching Band

6-15 year-old students

Inculcating honor and respect to patriotic symbols, students will develop different skills and aptitudes such as coordination, respect, discipline, and confidence.


8-15 year-old students

Development of thinking abilities through the resolution of problems. Students are trained in Math and motivated to participate in different events like Olimpiada Mexicana de Matemáticas para la Educación Básica (Mexican Mathematics Olympiad for Basic Education), Olimpiada Mexicana de Matemáticas (Mexican Mathematics Olympiad), Gauss contest, and Cotorra olympiad -spring.

Science Club

10-15 year-old students

Development of thinking abilities through the resolution of problems. Students are trained in Math and motivated to participate in different events like Olimpiada Mexicana de Matemáticas para la Educación Básica (Mexican Mathematics Olympiad for Basic Education), Olimpiada Mexicana de Matemáticas (Mexican Mathematics Olympiad), Gauss contest, and Cotorra olympiad -spring.

Math and English Regularization

6-15 year-old students

With the purpose of securing the knowledge, two times per week, regularization classes are imparted for two months. It is also a way to interact with a new environment outside the classroom.

Book Club

5-15 year-old students

The main purpose of this workshop is to create a habit of reading in students. Once a week, the text previously read at home, is discussed and analyzed. They also use the readings to compare the lecture with everyday situations.

English Conversation Club

6-15 year-old students

In this club, students enhance their knowledge of the language to express ideas that lead to interesting debates at all levels of primary and secondary school once a week.