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Colegio Cuernavaca is at the educational vanguard, with a robust program for the development of:

Logical and innovative thinking

Through our "math athletes" program, science club and science fair, our trip to NASA and the use of special material such as power strips and geoboards.

Language and multicultural communication

With the help of our reading club, CuernaMUN, International Days, spelling bees, Cambridge exams, TOEFL and DELF, and our English and Spanish platforms (MyOn and Progrentis).

Socio-emotional education

Making use of our extense art program, Kim games, integration workshops, and schooling for parents.

Our teachers at Colegio Cuernavaca have got the vocation and the dedication to provide an integral education with care and respect.

The teachers at Colegio Cuernavac also have the correct academic profiles to impart their subjects, as all of them have recieved at least a bachelors degree. Aside from that, they also have certifications and masters' degrees, a status that more than 50% of our staff possess.